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15 Components of an Impactful Strategic Plan

What is an idea if it lacks a vision for transformation? Strategic planning is crucial for the future impact of governments, nonprofits, and corporate entities alike. It provides a comprehensive framework that outlines long-term goals and the methods necessary to achieve them. While the specific components may vary based on the organization and its objectives, … Read more

Prepping Your Community for Electric Vehicles

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is inevitable. Levitate Legal would welcome the opportunity to be your thought-partner in this endeavor, including seeking funding support in the form of federal grants. Here are 10 key actions your community should consider now to stay ahead of the curve: Charging Infrastructure: Develop and expand the charging infrastructure network throughout … Read more

Susan Kennedy: 32 Powerful and Influential Alabamians to know

By Apryl Marie Fogel via – It’s true, the words “powerful and influential” can be vague and subjective. However, it’s fair to say among the universally accepted definitions within politics and policy is an individual’s ability to create change, start a conversation, influence the public or public officials, move an agenda forward or stop … Read more